The CountWise group of companies are headquartered in Florida, USA with offices in the United Kingdom; where we have our European offices, Canada, China, UAE and Australia, with partners in an additional 27 countries.

We work closely with:

Our strategic relationships with clients across a number of sectors has allowed us to become world leaders in our field


Our aim is to develop best of breed solutions, that demonstrate a clear definable return on investment for our clients.

Our clients include some of the most prestigious global portfolios within the retail, transportation and banking world.

As a global leader with over 120,000 installations, our solutions are facilitating more than 600 businesses worldwide to improve their understanding of customer traffic behaviours, develop & implement strategies that generate & maintain business KPI’s.

Technology at the forefront:

As a business we employ, technologies that deliver unrivalled levels of accuracy in some of the most challenging environments, among them we include the unique SRT ™ (Shape Recognition Technology), 3D stereo technologies. In addition to smartphone tracking and world class leading data mining tools.

Our Services:

Our services include: Project management, real-time customer behaviour monitoring, system auditing, remote system management, and a cloud hosted proven business intelligence platform, that provides for the integration of additional business information sets.

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