Retail has always had to adapt, and those that don’t, “die”. Customers have always had a choice; however, some retailers have come to see it as a, “take it or leave it one”; and almost given up without trying.

In simple terms; If the service level is not there, people will go elsewhere. We know with absolute certainty people are willing to pay a little more for a service, especially if the service level makes them feel special and appreciated.

It’s a simple ethos the independent stores know well, and work it to their advantage.

Those in the high street who have embraced the provision of great service are the brands we see prospering. In the process they have learnt that it’s not about throwing more staff at the customer, it’s about closer scheduling of staff to the opportunity and a little retraining where needed and possibly a smile instead of the grimace.

Note: If a brand is driven to compete on price with the online community, they can let the service level slide; “for now”, but be diligent, without service you will fail.


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