Case Study

gloucester cathedral 1

Something Special.

In the words of Dean Stephen “Perhaps it is in the dramatic yet elegant architecture of this building, perhaps it is in the majestic music that takes place here, perhaps it is in the countless prayers that have been said down the ages, and perhaps it is in the simple truth that people have felt something of God here down the centuries. Perhaps it is also in the fact this this is still true today and that people come here to pray, to wonder, to be quiet, to sing, to find refreshment and to simply be more whole.”

gloucester cathedral 2

Our Requirements.

The staff at Gloucester Cathedral needed to be able to accurately count the number of people in and out of the Cathedral. There are many different groups of people who go into the building – tourists as well as worshippers.

The Cathedral wanted the units to be discreet enough to fit in with their new Welcome Area without impacting into the historic fabric of the building.

The Solution.

Countwise were able to offer a cost-effective discreet solution. The Countwise team were considerate of the buildings structure and installed 3G routers to avoid unsightly cabling. The net counter installed at the main entrance enables the staff to receive quality data that is easily analysed. The installation had no impact on services or to visitors and the continued customer service being provided by the Countwise team is both professional and timely.

The Results.

The solution enables the Cathedral to monitor the success of their calendar of events, organise staff accordingly and provide the best possible experience for regular worshipers and tourist visitors. The portal has enabled the Cathedral to easy extract data by week, day and even hour.

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