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Built by the people, for the people

Liverpool Cathedral is a towering presence in the city, an impressive feat of architectural brilliance that made a huge statement about God and the city. Our role in the city and region remains of great importance. We are a centre of worship and a place to visit. A top rated attraction on Trip Adviser and focus for times of grief and celebration. As we are free to enter with many ways in we have a big challenge to get an assessment of those coming through our doors on regular days and for spectacular occasions like Museum of the Moon where 60,000 were estimated to visit in one week. 

A reliable counting system was essential

Our requirements

liverpool cathedral exteriorAccurate recording of visitors is essential for so many areas of what we do. Our enterprise activities - shop, catering and events need accurate data to plan their activities. With no entry charge we needed to be able to understand visitor behaviour to aid our strategy for increasing donations. As we consider improving the experience for all visitors - worshippers, spiritual pilgrims; day trippers - we need to have a more accurate measure of those entering our building.

"Our existing system was outdated and not fit for purpose" explained Paul Smith, Director of Enterprise, "we were increasingly relying on guesswork and judgement to inform our planning which is not the best. Also being a Grade 1 listed building with a number of entrance point with strict restrictions on what we can do presented some major challenges.

The solution

CountWise installed a discreet people counting solution consisting of extensive cameras running the I-Count software. Due to the building’s architecture and listed status it was important to avoid cabling this was overcome by CountWise installing 3G routers, this enabled the same quality and quantity of data but with minimal impact on the building.

The benefits

Having data we can rely on is fantastic. It gives us greater confidence in our planning and the claims we can make as an important visitor attraction. It will give us a more realistic picture of the impact of some of our events and occasions. It will help focus our resources and enable us to plan a much better service for visitors

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