Keep Customers and Employees Safe While Allowing Your Business to Thrive

Easy-to-Use Retail Occupancy
Monitoring for Social Distancing

Monitoring store occupancy is always important, but during a pandemic, it can’t be a guessing game. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to adhere to government social distancing recommendations to maintain a safe environment for your employees and customers.
CountWise provides a solution to get a real-time retail occupancy that’s simple to use for you and your customers. With state-of-the-art technology, our occupancy counters keep track of your store’s occupancy in real time, displaying a Green, Amber, or Red Alert.

How the i-Sense Occupancy system Works

CountWise will install i-Sense traffic counters near the entrances and exits to your store. Once active, i-Sense will count incoming and departing customers and total store occupancy, updating every five seconds. The data goes to the device you choose, giving you the ability to manage your retail occupancy easily.
A Color display will advise the customers when they may enter safely. It’s real-time retail occupancy monitoring to help you adhear to social distancing best practices for the health and peace-of-mind of your employees and your customers.


How CountWise Real-Time Monitoring Helps Your Business

 Optimise footfall throughout your store
 Track your busiest times and avoid over- or under-staffing
 Take the guesswork out of maintaining proper social distancing
 Refine your store’s layout to minimise crowding
 Protect the health and safety of your employees
 Minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19 to your customers

Key Retail Occupancy Monitoring Features

 Automated counting of customers as they arrive and depart your stores
 Real-time reporting of total store occupancy
 Colour-coded entry monitor for customers
 Customized reporting
 Retail data analytics and historical data

Technical Specifications

 i-Sense data collector for each store entrance and exit
 POE switch or injector for each i-Sense
 iPad or Android Tablet (optional) to view store occupancy in real time
 4G router (if CountWise can’t be on the corporate network)
 Smartphone to allow local management to view real-time numbers

The Occupancy Management Solution You Need

CountWise is the real-time retail occupancy monitoring system you need to keep your store open safely

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